Our mission is to promote critical approaches to educational technology research, practice, and policy through activism, outreach, and scholarship. We are collaborating to encourage stakeholders invested in technology-related issues in education to help create and use equitable and fair technologies rid of manipulation and exploitation. 


We aim to work with K-12, community college, and university teachers, voice critical perspectives in policies that affect education, and conduct and share scholarship in academic spaces.


We do not want to set unrealistic expectations for each other and rather offer an affinity space with autonomy to collaborate and participate wherever and with whomever you want. 

Online meeting space to openly discuss issues of importance and share semi-baked ideas. Each meeting we discuss one core topic, interests in reading and writing, and collaboration opportunities. 

Co-reading is an important part of our networking. We want to use this space to not only read each other’s works but also read interesting articles in the field that can help us think and grow in constructive ways. 

Co-writing opportunities can be used to work on small and big writing, curricular, and/or multimodal projects together. We are trying not to define any of these options so people can freely choose what and how they wish to do. 

Activism and outreach initiatives to organize and raise issues in practice and policy to critique systemic and corporate inequities.

For more information, email: admin@cetsa.info.

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